My Inspiration and How I Keep It Flowing.

Aimee Ferro

Posted on January 27 2019

My Inspiration and How I Keep It Flowing.


Are you inspired easily? Do you have tricks or special things that help create inspiration in your life?  Inspiration is all around us, and typically we all need/use it whether it's for work, relationships, creatively, or life in general.  When people ask what my inspirations are, I get a little overwhelmed. Mainly because so many things around me help influence the creative part of me. Then I thought "The best way to organize your thoughts and show who you truly are... is WRITING ABOUT IT!!". 

When it comes to making jewelry my entire world inspires me. Like most people -- you look around and there's inspiration everywhere. The key is to always be looking and being open to the things right in front of you. 

I come from a fine art background, and I knew this would be big factor in how I would naturally design. You can take the girl out of art school but you can't take the art school out of the girl I guess. I have always looked at my designs as little sculptures. This idea of sculpture infused with fashion has fueled my creative fire. I want to create wearable sculptures that no one else has. A piece thats more than just a pendant on a chain. My goal was to design jewelry that would pop out at you all while feeling amazing when wearing it. Below you can see my Loop Lynx design was heavily inspired by sculpture and a little bit of architecture. I saw a beautiful window with a similar structure and used that in this particular necklace. 

 Next on my inspiration list is crystals and individuality! Crystals are a huge part of my inspiration. I naturally gravitate towards particular shapes and colors. I can be very picky when choosing crystals.  Most of the time the shape is all I need to tell me how to build around the stone. I want to make the crystal the star of the show, but also create something that's original and fun to wear.  The Dipped Heart is the perfect example. It's just a regular old heart, but I knew it was meant for something more. It was time to reinvent the heart. Somehow seeing these crystal hearts inspired the dipped design you see below. 

 I've recently been learning a new technique where I carve my designs out of wax and then cast them in metal. Naturally, I am very excited about this -- but with just about all new things -- it takes time and practice to get better at it. With this technique came a lot of new ideas, but I also felt a bit paralyzed. When I executed some of these ideas, they didn't go as planned. I was stuck in the ether with no crystals to guide me. This brings me to my next thought about inspiration... How do we find it when it's lost?

Here are some things that have helped me get out of my own uninspired coma:

I leave my studio and hang out with other humans. Yep, thats right! I go out into the world and hang out with my husband, friends, or family. Creating distance between you and the issue is sometimes the best medicine. To live life, forget about the brain block, and clear your head has often helped me. 

Another great way to dig up inspiration is to focus your energy on something else creative and fun. I'll paint, I'll cook, I'll do just about any crafts I can get my hands on. Lately, my focus away from jewelry has been baking. It's nice just to have that time to make something other than jewelry. It simply helps me not feel stuck in a vicious cycle. 

Finally, just go for it! I truly believe this is one of the best ways to become inspired.  Just start making, writing, drawing, or whatever it is. My dad used to always say to me growing up "Aimee, just go poke a little hole into that canvas. Now it's already damaged and you have nothing to lose. Just go for it. Just paint. If you don't try, you'll stay stuck." His advice will forever follow me in life. When I was uninspired by wax I made myself sit down and just create something. Most of what I made was just for fun and didn't turn out that great, BUT some pieces turned out amazing and I'm very proud of them. A new collection was born from this!

Did I also mention my jewelry was meant to inspire YOU?! Yes, it's true. When we follow our own path and do things on our own terms, we stop worrying about what other people think -- and THAT is when inspiration strikes high. The same goes with fashion and how we find our own style. I say be true to you. I want you to feel proud and confident when wearing my jewelry. To be unapologetically YOU. Thats where true inspiration comes from. 

There are so many awesome ways to get unstuck and feel inspired... but I figure this is enough for now. Everyone is different and I love hearing about the journeys of others when looking for inspiration. would love to hear how you find your own inspiration. Comment below or feel free to reach out to me. So no excuses! Go find your inspiration! 


 Click the link below to see more designs!

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