How Do You Make Your Statement?

Aimee Ferro

Posted on August 15 2018

How Do You Make Your Statement?



Let me start off by saying it IS possible to make a statement and show off your confidence with more than just words. In fact, using fashion to show off your personality is (in my opinion) one of the best ways to say "Here I am and I don't give a F#*K what you think!" Which is an enriching and inspiring feeling to say the least. Right about now you might be the type of person yelling "AMEN SISTER" and agreeing with what I'm saying... Or you could be the person who really wants to be able to "pull off" statement jewelry, but is too afraid to try -- doesn't think they can -- or doesn't know where to start.  In either case, open your eyes wider cuz I'm writing this for you both. 

First off, let me take a moment and talk a little bit about how I feel about trends. Although I think they are helpful and can be refreshingly inspiring at times,  I also become easily bored and have always been one to go against the grain.  So if you were to ask me what the latest jewelry trends are... I'm going to be honest and say "I don't really care". I could go on about what trends are happening now and in what ways my jewelry may be similar, but thats not why I started my business, or why I create jewelry.  One of the biggest reasons I started making jewelry, was to design pieces that were carefully and thoughtfully crafted. Not because it's "hot right now."  I am an individual, and so are my customers. I don't want what everyone else has. I want jewelry that is unique, fresh, bold, and me.  I make jewelry that speaks to me and makes me feel good, because I want YOU to feel good.

Sooooo... instead of sharing the latest trends, I would like to talk about my inspiration. To give you a deeper look into why or how I came up with these looks. Why not start with our earrings?! One of my favorite earrings to make are the Ripple hoops...

This design was inspired by a couple different things. First being the classic hoop. Who doesn't love a hoop earring?? I specifically wanted to start with a large hoop earring and intentionally distort it in some way.  The idea was to create my OWN version of a hoop. A lot of hoops I am seeing right now are anatomy driven with lots of female figures and faces. They're all breathtakingly beautiful designs that I'm completely in love with. With that in mind, I knew I wanted to stray away from that idea. I decided to take some wire and start playing around with shapes.  I made a handful of different UN-circle shapes, but none of them stuck until I made this one. It completely spoke to me!

That brings us to my second inspiration... What the shape means to me. This shape is feminine and organic with the perfect amount of edge to it.  It reminds me of fluid water ripples or the delicate wings of a butterfly.  Being able to design a look that is both soft and hard at the same time is what I love.

Ok, So I've dived into my why, and now it's time for why not.  If you are the type of person who wants to wear bold statement earrings but thinks you "can't pull them off," you are wrong my friend! Slap on some bold earring with a white t-shirt and jeans. It doesn't have to be complicated. You could even snaz up your old hoodie with a pair of stunning earrings. You can see below that it's just as easy to dress the earrings down, as it is to dress them up (as you can see in the beautiful bride showcases). It's all about lifting ourselves up. Making ourselves AND allowing ourselves to enjoy life and enjoy wearing whatever we want to wear. So I say go for it! 

Get a closer look and more details about our Ripple hoops by clicking the link below.




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