Pure Aura

Pure Aura


This necklace brings strength to a whole new level. Vibrant in color and unique in design, this piece is the perfect accessory for everyday wear.  Each crystal has different inclusions inside. Aqua Aura encourages inner truthfulness during communication. It has been said that wearing or carrying Aqua Aura can help when working under pressure, or in an environment with a lot of negativity around you.  

Aqua Aura is created when Clear Quartz crystals are super-heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporized Gold.  This precious metal condenses onto the surface of the quartz crystal to form a permanent bond with the lattice of the quartz.  By combining the vibrations of Quartz with Gold, a synthesis of unique vibrations is created

  • Cut and polished Aqua Aura pyramid (1"-1 1/2")
  • Copper bezel and attachment
  • Gold plated brass chain link
  • Hand made by Leia Beila
  • Nickel free

If you would like a different chain length or any other alterations please send an email after check out, or during checkout in the message box.  We would love to accommodate you to the best of our abilities.