Leia Beila is about power, bold individuality, and a celebration of the modern badass. Founded in 2013 by Phoenix-raised, Seattle-bred, and Sacramento-based artist Aimee Ferro who explores unpolished vulnerability in her expansive portfolio of collage, visuals, and wearable art. Her work invites internal reflection through a provocative sensory experience that embraces tension and the chaos within. Born in Phoenix, AZ, Aimee forever calls Seattle home and is currently creating artwork in her dining room while raising a family in Sacramento, CA. A graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, she creates with purpose, having established Leia Beila Designs in memory of her mother who passed away from breast cancer during Aimee’s childhood. A celebration of bold individuality, Leia Beila pieces function as an extension of body and mind for those who dare to be different.

Her work has been proudly recognized in Swayy, Seattle Magazine, & Seattle Met and spotlighted as a noteworthy artist entrepreneur in Authority Magazine in 2018. When asked why she chose the arts as her path, her response is always a simply-delivered response, “There’s nothing else I would ever want to do.”


Leia Beila Mission Statement:

We are an independent woman-owned and operated business born in Seattle, Washington and based in Sacramento, California. We believe in power that is unapologetic, unconventional, dynamic, and free. We strive to create pieces that tell your story the moment you walk into a room. 

Explore the shop today, and honor the badass in your life whether its you or someone special looking for their next piece of life armor.